US Airways: discrimination and stereotyping won't fly

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DeShon Marman was taken off of a US Airways flight, arrested, shackled, and jailed after airline staff confronted him about his sagging pants.

However you feel about sagging pants, it's clear that US Airways' behavior was inappopriate and discriminatory. Targeting and criminalizing a young Black man because of appearance should not be an acceptable practice for US Airways or any other corporation. Please join us in calling on US Airways to apologize to DeShon and his family and explain steps the company will take to ensure that something like this doesn't happen again.

Below is the petition we’ll send to US Airways CEO W. Douglas Parker on your behalf:

Dear US Airways CEO W. Douglas Parker,

I was disturbed to learn of your company’s decision to have Deshon Marman arrested and removed from one of your flights, apparently because of his dress. The treatment of Marman was grossly unprofessional and discriminatory. I’m asking that you apologize to Marman and his family and that you explain the changes you will make to ensure that none of your passengers are subjected to such treatment in the future.

Targeting and criminalizing a young Black man because of his appearance is a shocking and unacceptable practice for any business. As a business that serves the public, you have the obligation to have a high standard of conduct which does not tolerate racial discrimination in any form. Regardless of my personal views on sagging pants, they should never trigger measures that lead to removal from an aircraft, arrest and incarceration.

I urge you to issue a public apology and detail the measures you’ll take to ensure this doesn't happen again.


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