Demand justice for Sandra Bland!

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    Demand justice for Sandra Bland!

    UPDATE 1/17/16: A Texas grand jury indicted State Trooper Brian Encinia- the officer who arrested Sandra Bland- for misdemeanor perjury, the lowest level crime that he could have been indicted for. Because of the indictment, Encinia is in the process of being discharged from his job, faces a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

    Over 49,000 ColorOfChange and Texas Organizing Project members called for Officer Encinia to be fired. We even had a billboard erected demanding his removal. For once in this case, our voices have been heard, but a fine and a firing is not enough. And more importantly, Waller Co District Attorney Elton Mathis and the five special prosecutors assigned to this case blame Sandra’s family for their inability to afford bail and continue to prove themselves unfit to actually prosecute Encinia for his actions.

    Their failure to indict and acknowledge the role that Encinia and others have played in ending Sandra’s life illustrates that the Texas grand jury is incapable of ensuring that justice is served for Sandra. Therefore, it is time for the U.S. Department of Justice to step in.  

    Sandra's death exposes the dangerous of a for-profit bail and criminal justice system and we will continue to stand with her family to demand accountability. We hope that you will continue to stand with us.

    Will you join us in demanding the US Department of Justice investigate Sandra Bland’s death?

    UPDATE 12/23/15: 
    Today it was announced that a grand jury in Waller County, Texas will not indict anyone in connection to the death of Sandra Bland. Although the grand jury continues to investigate other aspects of the incident, including Sandra's arrest, it is devastating to see another Black woman’s life lost in police custody and no one is held accountable. We continue to stand with Sandra’s family and uplift their demand for individual accountability but we also recognize that she would be alive today were it not for the corrupt, exploitative, and discriminatory system of money bail that exists in Waller County and around our country.

    UPDATE 07/22/15: Police have released an edited dash cam video of Sandra Bland’s violent arrest, which shows TX State Trooper Brian Encinia illegally and violently arresting Sandra for no reason. Officer Encinia then lied in his police report to cover up his brutal action. We can't depend on the police to police themselves. After more than 3,000 ColorOfChange members donated, we hired a private investigator to investigate the Texas Department of Pubic Safety and Waller County Prosecutor and Sheriff.

    Recently, Texas police pulled 28-year-old Sandra Bland as she drove to her new job for allegedly failing to signal a lane change. After police ripped Sandra from her car and violently slammed her the ground, she was unjustly arrested, charged with assault and then taken to Waller County Jail. Seventy two hours later, she was dead.

    Police are claiming that Sandra took her own life, but her family and friends know that's not true. We stand with them. Time and time again, violent and discriminatory police kill and lie to cover up their brutal action. 

    Will you join us in urging Attorney General Lynch to thoroughly investigate Sandra's death and hold all those responsible fully accountable?

    Here is a statement we will send on your behalf to US Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Please feel free to add a personal message in the box below.

    Dear US Attorney General Loretta Lynch,

    I am writing to bring to your attention a disturbing incident of unnecessary and excessive police violence that resulted in the death of a young woman with a bright future. 

    Recently, 28-year-old Sandra Bland was driving to her alma mater, Prairie View A&M University, for a new job in student outreach. While driving, a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper pulled Sandra over for not using her turn signals during a lane change. What came next is all too familiar and horrifying.

    The fact that a routine traffic stopped turned into such a violent arrest is a cause for concern. The incident was caught on tape and Sandra can be heard saying "You just slammed my head to the ground. Do you not even care about that?" She was then unjustly arrested for assaulting an officer, although the video clearly shows that she did not. Sandra was taken to the county jail and was dead less than 72 hours later.

    Natasha McKenna. Walter Scott. Tanisha Anderson. Freddie Gray. The killing of Black people must stop.

    As the United States Attorney General you have the power and responsibility to ensure justice for Sandy by holding the Waller County Police Department and Prosecutors Office fully accountable.


    [Your Name]

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