New York City Speaker Quinn: New Yorkers deserve paid sick time

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New York's City Council could vote now on a bill that would allow more than a million working New Yorkers to take paid sick time to care for themselves or a loved one. But Council Speaker Christine Quinn is blocking the vote. She's afraid that support for paid sick days would hurt her relationship with business leaders and her chances in the mayoral election.

Please join us in demanding that Speaker Quinn do the right thing for New Yorkers and allow the Council to vote on the bill.

Here's the letter we'll send to New York City Council Speaker Quinn on your behalf. You can add a personal comment using the box to the right.

Dear Speaker Quinn,

I am writing to urge you to bring the Paid Sick Time Act to the City Council floor for a vote immediately. 

Right now, more than a million mostly Black, Latino and immigrant workers in New York City go to work every day without the benefit of having any paid time off to care for themselves or a loved one in the event of an illness. This poses a serious threat to the economic security of working families and places the health of all New Yorkers at risk.  

The benefits of paid sick leave far exceed any costs associated with the program. As a result of a city-wide bill passing, businesses could expect higher rates of employee retention, increased productivity from a healthy workforce and reduced spread of disease on the job.

It is time for New York City to join the growing list of cities and states that have passed this essential worker protection. I urge you to please bring the paid sick time act to a vote before the close of this year.


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