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Sign on if you agree with Congressman Lewis that "Voters must get out and vote like we've never voted before."
After you sign, you'll be directed to a page where you can share with all your friends and family to make sure they vote too on Election Day - November 6, 2018!

These midterm elections are some of the most important of our lifetime. Here's what's on the line:

  1. Federal criminalization of marijuana and resulting mass incarceration of Black people
  2. Access to health care, including coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and Medicare for our elders
  3. The safety of our immigrant communities and the separation of children from their families
  4. Women's rights to reproductive care and abortions
  5. LGBTQ people's rights to marry, identify with the gender they want, and be protected from discrimination
  6. Erasure of Black voters and other voters of color through Republican gerrymandering of congressional districts
  7. And so much more...


Here's the story behind this video:

One of our own staff members from Color Of Change PAC was flying back to Washington, DC, from Georgia a few months ago. He sat down on the plane, and turned around to see, in the row right behind him, Congressman John Lewis himself!

After sending a series of frantic messages to the rest of our team, he worked up the courage to introduce himself to Rep. Lewis, and they began chatting about Color Of Change PAC’s work. They talked about how important it was for Black people to be the ones talking to Black voters and pushing candidates to invest in Black communities. When they landed, he asked Rep. Lewis if he would send a short message to Black voters and our allies across the country, and he agreed. So they found a quiet spot in the Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, and recorded this video.

Congressman Lewis recorded the video in one take, unrehearsed, speaking directly from his heart. Maybe we were brought together with Rep. Lewis that day for a reason, so that together, we could get this message out to the Black people and allies like you that make up our Color Of Change PAC community. Either way, we’re so grateful it happened, and we’re just as grateful to have you alongside us on this wild ride through Election Day. Thank you for all you do. Let's win this thing.

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