Fire the officers responsible for the Charles Kinsey shooting

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    Fire the officers responsible for the Charles Kinsey shooting

    Charles Kinsey on the ground. Hands up.

    BREAKING: North Miami police officers, Jonathan Aledda, has been charged with attempted manslaughter for shooting Charles Kinsey. But he is STILL employed. Late last week, audio of the interview of North Miami police chief Gary Eugene was publically released, where he admits that Officer Aledda was warned by fellow officers on the scene that the young man Mr. Kinsey was helping simply had a toy truck.

    He was on his back. Unarmed. With his hands in the air, yelling “don’t shoot.” But North Miami Officer Jonathan Aledda shot Charles Kinsey, a 47 year-old behavioral specialist helping an autistic patient, anyway. When Kinsey asked why he'd been shot in the leg, the officer replied “I don’t know.”

    It’s yet another case showing the world what Black people already know: all you have to do to be considered a threat is be Black.

    The department just suspended without pay Commander Emile Hollant--the officer who radioed in the misinformation that the patient was loading a gun and later lied about it. It’s a small step, but neither of these officers should be able to put on a uniform again. 

    Sign the petition demanding both officers involved be FIRED. 

    Below is the letter we will send to North Miami Police Chief Gary Eugene on your behalf:

    Dear Gary Eugene:

    I am writing to demand that you take all steps to hold Officer Jonathan Aledda and Commander Emile Hollant accountable and fire them for the shooting of Charles Kinsey, an unarmed man.

    While suspending Commander Hollant without pay is a step in the right direction, his actions in not only spreading misinformation but also lying to cover himself are unacceptable. He should not continue to remain on the force.
    When it comes to Officer Aledda, although he was given misinformation from Commander Hollant, he had a responsibility to assess the situation and de-escalate. Instead he shot at two unarmed men while one was telling him everything he needed to know to make the right decision.

    While the Florida Police Benevolent Association claims Aledda made a mistake in shooting Kinsey and that he was aiming to protect him, his actions do not fit those claims. Aledda never told Mr. Kinsey to move out of the way or warned that he was going to fire in his direction. And after shooting him, supposedly by accident, Aledda rolled Kinsey over and handcuffed him while he was bleeding.

    The people of North Miami are counting on you to hold these officers accountable, and ensure they can never endanger another citizen again.



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