Keep Glenn Beck off New York City radios

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Glenn Beck’s radio show is now off the air in New York City — but two New York radio stations are thinking about picking it up, despite Beck’s continued fear-mongering and hateful rhetoric.

Can you join us in telling station executives not to add Beck to their line-up? And after you do can you ask your friends and family to do the same?

Here's the message we'll send to station executives on your behalf. You can also add a personal comment in the box provided to the right.

Dear WNYM and WMCA management,

According to Glenn Beck, 9/11 victims' families complain too much, President Obama hates white people, and social justice is a code word for Nazism.

New York doesn't need his hate, misinformation, and division.

Five other local radio stations have already committed not to air Beck's show.  

Don't add Beck to our airwaves.


[your name here]

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