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    Support the 2016 Internet Policy Platform

    Recently, federal courts fully upheld the FCC’s net neutrality rules! This ruling affirms that the FCC can and must stop Comcast, AT&T and Verizon from discriminating against, interfering with, or blocking content online.

    Winning this net neutrality case is a major victory for Black communities and all people shut out of traditional media. Now it's time to take the fight for a universal, affordable and open internet to the next level. 

    Help push the presidential candidates to make protecting online free speech a priority and oppose efforts that would undermine First Amendment rights in the name of national security, as well as efforts that would make it illegal for people to photograph or record official and police activity when it takes place in public.

    Tell the presidential candidates:

    I urge all candidates to support the policy goals outlined below, and to appoint people who will advance these principles and stand up for internet users and those still struggling to get online.

    Any policymaking that affects the internet must be guided by these principles:

    Free Speech: Freedom of expression online and offline. Don’t censor the internet.
    Access: Universal access to fast and affordable communications platforms.
    Choice: Diverse, decentralized and open infrastructure with a competitive choice of providers.
    Privacy: Protect personal data and the right to communicate and access information in private.
    Transparency: Shed light on the data collection and processing practices of government and online platforms.
    Openness: Support Net Neutrality to prevent unreasonable discrimination against content or users; protect everyone’s right to create, innovate, and share without permission.

    This internet policy platform aims to promote these principles and foster a healthier and more inclusive democracy.


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