Pass the Prison Sterilization Prohibition Bill

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California Senate Public Safety Committee: Pass the Prison Sterilization Prohibition Bill

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    Pass the Prison Sterilization Prohibition Bill

    There are too many stories of California women inmates being pressured or receiving sterilization procedures without their knowledge.

    Kimberly Jeffrey, who spoke up in time to avoid an unwanted tubal ligation, while on the operation table after delivering her first child.

    Kelli Dillon, who was sterilized without her knowledge at the Central California Women’s Facility in 2001.

    And many more. A devastating study last year found nearly 150 cases from 2006-2010 in California.  

    This Prisoner Sterilization Prohibition Bill gives inmates access to second opinions, psychological consultation, and medical follow-ups. Furthermore, it mandates thorough reporting of any sterilization procedures that do occur.  The bill gives inmates access to much-needed resources and will prevent abuse and deceptive practices by medical staff. Let's pass and enact it immediately.

    The bill is currently in the California Senate Public Safety Committee, and a hearing is scheduled for next week. In order to keep this bill on track to becoming law, it must pass out of committee. That’s why it’s important for Senators to hear from you right now.

    Add your name, and we’ll make sure your signatures and comments reach the Senators ahead of next week’s hearing. Together, we can ensure speedy passage of this important bill.

    California has a long and disturbing history of involuntary sterilizations. 

    A third of all forced procedures performed nationally under eugenics laws have taken place in California - sterilizing about 20,000 men and women.

    California’s eugenics laws were repealed in 1979, but the system is still fraught with abuse. The Prison Sterilization Prohibition Bill is an opportunity to turn the page on this history of misconduct and injustice, and to make a real impact on the lives of women inmates.

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