Raise your voice with striking Walmart workers this Black Friday

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This Thanksgiving, I look forward to sitting down with family and friends around the dinner table to enjoy some great food and give thanks for being able to spend time together. Walmart doesn't want its employees to do the same — workers are expected to report to stores Thursday night, further extending "Black Friday" shopping hours and pushing already underpaid, disrespected employees to the breaking point.

This week, Walmart workers across the country are standing up to say they've had enough. I'm impressed with the bravery they're showing in the face of Walmart's pattern of firings and retaliation, which the NLRB says violates federal labor law. Walmart could afford to give workers a full 50% raise without harming profitability, but it's clear they won't unless workers — and the public — demand it. So please show your support to striking workers this Black Friday and spread the word!

Rashad Robinson
New York, NY

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