Voting While Black

Come to our Black Women's Brunch in Natchez, Mississippi!

Black Women's Brunch is coming to Mississippi on August 3, 2019! Women from all areas of Mississippi have driven to New Orleans to take part in this unique experience where we share our stories and define what Black, woman-led power means to us.  This year we’re bringing Black Women's Brunch to Natchez.

We couldn’t imagine a better time to host Black Women’s Brunch in Mississippi. We’re going to get into formation and organize around the issues that deeply impact our communities and families while having a good time.

Please join us for a morning of delicious food, community, and discussion. This will be a celebration of our unique power-- but also a call to action. It's time to grow and refine our political power while organizing our communities around the issues that matter to us -- Black women.

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