Tell Laura Curran to Veto a Dangerous, Anti-Protest Bill in Nassau County Today!

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    Tell Laura Curran to Veto a Dangerous, Anti-Protest Bill in Nassau County Today!

    ACTION NEEDED: Nassau County just passed a dangerous anti-protest bill, but there’s still time to fix this!

    Police officers in Nassau County, Long Island can now sue people for harassment without having to show any proof thanks to a new bill passed by legislators. 

    This bill is clear retaliation for last year’s powerful protests standing up for Black lives, and a violent attempt to silence those who speak out against racial injustice. In fact, the bill is blatant in its rationale: racial justice protests are a threat to the status quo. 

    But we won’t be silenced. The bill still needs to be signed into law by Nassau County Executive Laura Curran. 

    Sign the petition and tell Nassau County Executive Laura Curran to veto this dangerous anti-protest bill today!

     Below is the letter we'll send to Nassau County Executive Laura Curran:

    Here is the Petition:

    Dear Nassau County Executive Laura Curran,

    Nassau County just passed a bill that will not only stifle our first amendment right to protest injustice, it will also place a permanent veil of threat over every civil interaction with the police. 

    We’re calling on you to veto this dangerous bill that would allow officers and the Police Commissioner to initiate civil litigation against civilians for vague offenses such as “menacing” and “harassing.” Not only does the bill place attorney fees on the defendants, but it can also carry damages of up to $50,000 if the incident happens during a protest. It also includes something called an “irrebuttable presumption,” which means police will not have to provide evidence of the alleged offense. 

    The police are already protected under New York State Penal Law and under Nassau County Administrative Law. There is no proven need for this dangerous law. 

    Signing this bill would stifle our right to free speech, decrease trust and accountability with the police, and send a final signal to many voters that there are not any viable electoral choices left in Nassau County.  

    Please veto this bill today.