Trump's Racism Makes Compromise Impossible - Boycott the State of the Union

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    Trump's Racism Makes Compromise Impossible - Boycott the State of the Union

    There is nothing Trump will say that changes the basic facts of who he is and what his Administration is about.

    Yesterday, a bipartisan group of Senators presented Donald Trump with a deal to help folks who have been able to benefit from DACA and TPS. Instead of being diplomatic and thoughtful in his assessment of the immigration plan, Trump rejected their proposal outright and declared Haiti, El Salvador, and unnamed nations in Africa as “shithole” countries; asking why we would want anyone from these nations in America. Trump’s racist outburst is merely the latest in a long line of bigoted words and actions. It is time for Democrats to treat Trump like the unrepentant racist he is. Do not honor Trump at the State of the Union--act in solidarity with the Black and Brown folks he is attacking and boycott the State of the Union.

    Of course, this isn’t the first time that Trump has shown us all exactly who he is. Trump’s life as a prominent Republican began with him declaring President Obama as a Kenyan and illegitimate President. Trump’s campaign for the office of Presidency began with him calling Mexicans drug dealers and rapists. He declared that Judge Curiel to be unable to fairly adjudicate his case because he’s a “Mexican.” He has gone on to advocate for a complete ban on all Muslims from entering the country, one of the few promises he’s attempted to keep since taking office. Trump has regularly invoked the inner-city as a bleak hellscape referencing the city of Chicago whenever he wants to convey woe and want. He’s attacked athletes for exercising their First Amendment rights and kneeling during the anthem, painting them as ingrates. This alone should be enough for Democrats to say “enough” and act in solidarity with the communities Trump continually attacks. Calling Black and Brown nations “shitholes” should simply be the point that punctuates Trump’s inherent hostility towards Black and Brown people and spurs them to action.

    After more than a year of dealing with Trump’s sustained attacks on marginalized communities, Democrats must understand they will not be able to charm Trump into being less racist. Compromise in the hopes of minimizing the damage from the current administration is a tactic that will not work with Trump completely ignorant on policy and motivated by white supremacy. We need a Democratic party that’s clear-eyed about the challenge before us. Boycott the State of the Union and show solidarity with the communities under attack.

    We have long known Trump is an unrepentant racist. It's time for Democrats to begin acting with this in mind.

    Here is the Petition:
    Compromise with Trump is not possible for a party that values the life of Black and Brown people, complete opposition is the only moral choice for Democrats. Join us if you believe that Democrats must send a strong message to Trump and stay home. Sign the petition now and make sure your voice is heard.