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    Kick Trump Off Twitter!

    It’s not amusing. Donald Trump’s vicious daily rants on social media platform, Twitter, have taken a dangerous turn for the worse. After news broke that North Korea has expanded its nuclear capabilities, Donald Trump didn’t discreetly and seriously handle this impending threat with the Department of Homeland Security. Instead, he took to Twitter where he's threatening North Korea with military action and posting pictures of bomber planes. That’s right. Donald Trump publicly escalated an already dangerous conflict with a foreign adversary over a social media platform. How long will Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey let Donald Trump get away with abusive and dangerous behavior that the average user would be banned for?

    Tell CEO, Jack Dorsey to kick Trump off Twitter now!

    This is the letter we'll send to Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey:

    Here is the Petition:

    Dear Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey,

    Please kick Donald Trump off Twitter. Now, he's using the social media platform to publicly escalate an already dangerous conflict with a foreign adversary. Previously, he's used it to bully everyday people, interact with prominent white nationalists and plant conspiracy theories almost daily since he decided to run for President. 

    Twitter is a platform that can be used for good. But the potential and power of the platform is undermined when Twitter allows Donald Trump to bully users and now, escalate matters of national security.

    Please kick him off Twitter now.


    [Your Name]