Thank You, Dr. Anita Hill

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    Thank You, Dr. Anita Hill

    Anita Hill in grainy color text says Before MeToo there was Anita Hill. Thank Anita Hill for speaking truth to power then and now #StopKavanaugh #AnitaKnows

    Just as Dr. Anita Hill should have been believed then, we believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the survivor and brave woman speaking out on being sexually assaulted by Supreme Court Justice nominee Kavanaugh.

    Without Black women like Anita Hill, we wouldn’t have the #MeToo movement. We hope, though there is much work that needs to be done, that the Senate Judiciary Committee heeds Anita Hill’s wise recommendations and that we believe sexual assault and harassment survivors.

    #AnitaKnows. Thank You, Anita.

    Dr. Anita Hill continues to be a powerful voice for women refusing to be silenced by sexual harassment and/or assault and taking on the men who abuse their power to get away with abusing women. Despite harassment and intimidation, Anita Hill stood up for and paved the path forward for all women fighting back against sexual harassment and assault. Fast forward today, as Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces sexual assault allegations, the Senate Judiciary Committee still lacks protocol and basic survivor safeguards in handling sexual harassment and assault accusations against Supreme Court justice nominees.

    Anita is right. Thank you for pushing people in power to do better by survivors.

    Here is the Petition:

    Before #MeToo, there was Anita Hill. Will you thank Dr. Anita Hill today?

    In 1991, Dr. Anita Hill, an attorney and law professor, spoke truth to power by bravely testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the sexual harassment she suffered at the hand of then-Supreme Court justice nominee, Clarence Thomas. 27 years later and she remains a powerful voice against sexism and violence against women. While we’ve got a long ways to go, it is undeniable that the conversation we are having now around Kavanaugh is on a different level because of Dr. Hill’s bravery.

    Speaking out against powerful abusers is an act of bravery and love, but comes at great personal and professional risks and can feel both lonely and thankless. We stand with sexual violence survivors speaking truth to power. Join us to recognize and thank Dr. Anita Hill today.