Prosecutor Alvarez: Assign a Special Prosecutor for Paul O'Neal Case

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    Prosecutor Alvarez: Assign a Special Prosecutor for Paul O'Neal Case

    Two weeks ago, police body cams caught three officers shooting 15 bullets into the fleeing car 18-year-old Paul O’Neal’s was driving. Paul managed to escape the vehicle and then ran for his life. But police were determined to catch the unarmed teen by any means necessary and shot 5 fatal bullets into his back. As Paul’s family attorney said, police who act as “judge, jury and executioner” instead of a public servant must be indicted and convicted. But it’s been 11 days since Paul’s murder and no charges have been made andj the family is calling for a special prosecutor.

    To add insult to injury, the officers were caught on tape making sure their body cameras were off and giving each other “high-fives” immediately after murdering Paul.The actions of these officers are so horrific that Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson immediately placed them on paid-leave. But it’s not enough. We need real accountability and Anita Alvarez isn’t the prosecutor for the job.

    Chicago prosecutor, Anita Alvarez has a long track record of over convicting Black people and refusing to hold police accountable. She even led a city-wide cover-up of the police execution of LaQuan McDonald last year. Her own constituency voted her out of office during this year’s primary and she will no longer be the county prosecutor as of January 2017. With a record of failure and distrust, we cannot rely on Alvarez to hold the officers that murdered Paul O’Neal accountable.

    Will you stand with us to make sure State Attorney Anita Alvarez assigns a special prosecutor for Paul O'Neal's case?

    Dear State Attorney Anita Alvarez:

    I am writing to demand that you appoint a special prosecutor to the fatal police shooting of unarmed, 18-year-old Paul O’Neal.

    In April, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s appointed police accountability task force reported that Chicago’s criminal justice system is so entrenched in systemic racism that it prevents police from being held accountable when they harm Black people. It is vital that you acknowledge this reality and your role in perpetuating this systemic issue.

    Years of police-inflicted harm on Black communities and the recent cover-up of the police execution of LaQuan McDonald, is why there is validly no community faith in you, the Chicago police department, or Mayor Emanuel.

    If the city is committed to gaining the trust of the community and developing real public safety in Chicago, you must allow a special prosecutor to take on Paul O’Neal’s case.


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