Our educators are being attacked for teaching real history. Send them a message of thanks for standing up for what's right.

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    Our educators are being attacked for teaching real history. Send them a message of thanks for standing up for what's right.

    Image of a Black teacher giving a Black student a high-five in a classroom.

    To date, eleven states have passed anti-“CRT” or Anti-Critical Race Theory bills, and a total of 27 have introduced legislation that seeks to criminalize the teaching of basic facts about American history. The situation is serious. Our educators are being targeted by right-wing bullies at every level of government for refusing to lie to our children in their own classrooms. You know who these bullies are. They’re the same ones who don’t want our kids learning about evolution, who claim that climate change is a hoax, and who don’t “believe” in gender equality. They’re the ones who are physically intimidating, fining, doxxing, and firing the teachers who are actively resisting their efforts to erase truth from history in our public school curriculum. But we refuse to let them. We stand with the educators who have so courageously insisted on teaching the truth, at great personal cost and risk to their livelihoods and safety. Will you join us by sending our educators a message of love, encouragement, and support today? 

    Below is the message we will send to teachers who have pledged to teach the truth, alongside your individual messages of support.

    Here is the Petition:
    In the past year, we've seen the right-wing launch one of the biggest propaganda campaigns the public education system has seen in decades. And we know that as educators, many of you have been on the front-lines of the attack. Transfers with no explanation, disciplinary action and layoffs based on frivolous claims, and threats from mobs of white supremacists are just a few of the ways that the right-wing has attempted to bully you into teaching an incomplete version of American history. And still, you have continued to make the choice to defend the well-being of your students above any other consideration, every day. For that and more, we want to say we love you, we see you, and we will fight with you. Our children our always better off when they learn the full course of history, and full history must include America’s legacy of slavery, reconstruction, segregation, civil rights and mass incarceration. Thank you for standing up for what's right by continuing to teach the truth.