Stop sponsoring Donald Trump

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    Stop sponsoring Donald Trump

    How can companies like Google, who heavily market to and profit from Black people, fund a platform for a presidential nominee that is being bolstered into office by former Grand Wizard David Duke, the KKK, and other white supremacists?

    These companies are stuck pretending that their sponsorship won't provide a platform for Trump’s dehumanizing hate speech. But when corporate dollars are used to fund a platform for a demagogue who promotes a violently anti-Black message that company is just as culpable as the person shouting.

    Will you call on Google and other companies to end their sponsorships of a Trump-led convention?

    Tell the CEOs, Chief Marketing Officers, and Senior Vice Presidents of Public Affairs at Coca-Cola, Google, Xerox, AT&T, Adobe Systems, Cisco, and Microsoft: 

    Immediately cancel your sponsorship of a Donald Trump-led Republican National Convention. This includes any monetary and in-kind contributions to the Host Committee for the Republican National Convention as well as any in-kind contributions to the Republican National Committee in exchange for promotional consideration. Any sponsorship of a Trump-led convention will be an endorsement of his hate-filled and racist rhetoric and runs counter to the values of your company.  

    Trump’s hateful rhetoric and racist pandering has been widely heralded by white supremacist leaders like former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and has even resulted in the white nationalist American National Super PAC funding robo-calls in Iowa in support of his campaign. From this emboldening of white supremacists and Trump’s unchecked rhetoric he has made it clear that under his presidency Black people, Latinos, immigrants, women, and Muslims will be either second class citizens or entirely unwelcome in this country. As a company that prides itself on championing diversity, we believe it is a great sign of corporate responsibility and decency for your company to ensure its dollars and brand are not used to provide a platform for pushing this violent and racist rhetoric.

    This is not about politics. It’s not about Democrats and Republicans, or the political left and right. Trump is encouraging violence towards Latinos and immigrants, Black people, women, and Muslims in an effort to pander to some voters’ most base instincts. Trump’s stereotypical and violent rhetoric brings real life consequences for people and as long as companies like yours keep financing platforms for Trump to push his race-baiting message, the number of violent attacks against minority groups and women will continue to grow. 

    As a major leader in the business community, a commitment on the part of your company to refrain from sponsoring a Donald Trump-led Republican National Convention would send a strong message to the public, the RNC, and other companies that Trump’s demagoguery and intolerance is not acceptable.  


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