Tell The Biden-Harris Administration To Stop Prison Profiteering!


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    Tell The Biden-Harris Administration To Stop Prison Profiteering!

    On January 26th, 2021, President Biden declared that no one should profit from prisons and jails. While there have been steps toward progress, the Biden-Harris Administration can still do much more. Demand the Biden-Harris Administration take steps outlined by Color Of Change and Worth Rises, like increasing transparency on the scope of corporate involvement in the prison and jail systems. Provide people in federal custody with soap, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, menstrual products, and lotion without charging them. These are just some steps the Biden-Harris Administration can take, with even more outlined in our Policy Blueprint for Ending Carceral Profiteering.

    Private corporations like Securus and ViaPath are using incarcerated people and their families to collect massive profits by charging people behind bars exorbitant prices to keep themselves clean, talk to their families, and prepare themselves for release. The family members of people locked in prisons and jails are forced to bear the burden. By demanding Biden take these steps, we can directly improve the conditions of thousands of people affected by private corporations that exploit people in prisons and jails for profit. By taking the steps outlined in the Campaign to End Carceral Profiteering, the Biden-Harris Administration can fulfill Biden's campaign promises and seize an opportunity to reduce the exploitation of Black people disproportionately affected by policing, prisons, and jails.

    With your help, we can force the Biden-Harris Administration to answer our demand to end carceral profiteering. Together we can show that there is another way forward, one where we put public safety and public health first for everyone. Instead of settling for the exploitation of people in prisons and jails, we can take easy, common-sense steps to make sure people are well-fed, well-cared for, and compensated fairly for their labor. Together we can have the Biden-Harris Administration take the substantive steps needed to make the world a better place for Black people.

    Tell The Biden-Harris Administration to take these steps to end corporations from profiteering from prisons and jails.

    Color Of Change and Worth Rises have outlined a series of steps President Biden can unilaterally take to improve the lives of those affected by corporations exploiting people in prisons and jails. Demand the Biden-Harris Administration take these steps to end carceral profiteering!