Tell John McCain & Richard Burr: Don't interrupt Kamala Harris again.

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    Tell John McCain & Richard Burr: Don't interrupt Kamala Harris again.

    Sen. Kamala Harris was interrupted this week for the SECOND time in a row by Sens. John McCain and Richard Burr--and we gotta have her back.

    As Sen. Harris bravely took Sessions to task on his refusal to answer the committee's questions, Sen. John McCain, closely followed by Chairman Richard Burr, cut her off--telling her to let Sessions "answer the question." Feeling emboldened by his GOP friends, Sessions started to lament that he couldn't focus because Sen. Harris was "making [him] nervous." And this all comes only ONE WEEK after Sen. Kamala Harris was interrupted by McCain and Burr and told to be "courteous" to Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

    After being called aggressive, bullish and overbearing, Sen. Kamala later tweeted "It was a simple question." 

    There is nothing more tired and played out than white men silencing Black women and claiming to feel threatened by them at the same time. Sen. Kamala Harris already carries many burdens as the only Black woman in the Senate--being silenced by white men in public hearings should not be one of them. 

    This is the message we'll send to the Senate Intel Committee on your behalf:

    Here is the Petition:
    Dear Chairman Richard Burr, 

    It is completely unacceptable that Senator Kamala Harris, the only Black woman in the Senate, has been repeatedly interrupted by you and other white men during hearings in the past two weeks. That's why I am joining people across the country in demanding that it doesn't happen again. Don't interrupt Sen. Kamala Harris or try to silence her while she is doing her job. 

    Sen. Kamala Harris is just doing her job in searching for the truth--which is something your colleagues should be doing just as vigorously. However, just because she is adamant in demanding the truth, doesn't mean she deserves to be interrupted or disrespected in public hearings. When other senators, like Sen. Angus King, are aggressive in their line of questioning, they aren't interrupted like Sen. Harris and other women in Congress have been. The double-standard here is appalling and unacceptable. 

    I will not stand by and allow Black women to be silenced. And as chairman of this committee and a leader in our political system, you shouldn't either.