Stop Funding Neo-Segregationists

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    Stop Funding Neo-Segregationists

    Title: Meet the Neo-Segregationists. Body: Images of Ed Blum, Chris Rufo, Kris Kobach, and Stephen Miller.

    Our racial justice infrastructure and bedrock civil rights laws are under attack by the same people who brought us voter suppression and bans on Black history.

    Christopher Rufo, Stephen Miller, Kris Kobach and Ed Blum are mobilizing a pro-discrimination agenda to restrict Black people’s access to the workplace and our education system, and to restore Jim Crow-era privileges for white people.

    They have been behind attacks ranging from the lawsuit that last year successfully struck down Affirmative Action in college admissions; to trying to shut down the Black-led Fearless Fund for supporting Black-owned businesses; to bullying law firms across the country to end scholarship and internship programs meant for Black students; to the introduction of state legislation that would make any efforts to address anti-Black discrimination illegal; to almost daily lawsuits against corporations for making diversity commitments.

    These continuous and coordinated efforts by neo-segregationists to enshrine white privilege and pro-white discrimination have a central dangerous end goal: To reinstate the policies, laws and cultural norms that sustained Jim Crow at every level of society. That includes striking down the federal Civil Rights Act — one of the biggest wins of the Civil Rights Movement — that guarantees us all freedom from discrimination.

    The threat from these neo-segregationists is real. With a U.S. Supreme Court majority deeply sympathetic to their white nationalist vision for America, and nearly a quarter of lower court judges having been hand picked by extremist Donald Trump himself, none of our laws are safe that guarantee equality and freedom from discrimination or that actively repair those harms. As long as millions in corporate donations flow into their coffers, these neo-segregationists will have the resources to keep challenging our bedrock civil rights laws in court until they get the outcome they want. We cannot let that happen. We have the power to do something about it.

    Join us in demanding corporate charities stop funding neo-segregationists and their plot to enshrine unearned opportunity and privilege for white people.

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    During the last few years, neo-segregationists have mobilized to restrict Black people’s access to the workplace and our education system, and to restore Jim Crow-era privileges for white people. This movement is actively undermining the legislative wins of the Civil Rights Movement by threatening major corporations for their efforts at racial inclusivity and has introduced anti-DEI legislation in several states to co-opt civil rights and diversity vernacular to exclude Black employees and students from fair and equal opportunities.

    The leaders of the neo-segregationist movement, Ed Blum, Chris Rufo, Kris Kobach, and Stephen Miller, as well as the network of organizations they lead, have received millions from corporate charities like yours. Christopher Rufo, who previously spearheaded efforts to eliminate Black history in schools across the country, has laid bare the end goal of their neo-segregationist agenda to eliminate all civil rights protections, explicitly calling for the dismantling of the Civil Rights Act.

    Without action from your charity, we will continue to see entire university systems, such as what recently transpired with the University of Florida, close down their efforts to address discrimination and inequality and guarantee that the unjust and privileged access of white students remains permanently ensconced. And we will see financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Bank of New York roll back and eliminate programs that attempt to address the discriminatory structures that have made their workplaces overwhelmingly white and male. As leaders of the biggest charities in the nation, you have a responsibility to demonstrate that your actions align with your values regarding creating workplaces and educational opportunities free from discrimination.