This mayor told the cops to treat protesters like it's 1963. She is a threat to public safety--and needs to go.

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    This mayor told the cops to treat protesters like it's 1963. She is a threat to public safety--and needs to go.

    Since Pittsburgh police officer, Michael Rosfeld, shot and killed 17-year-old Antwon Rose, Black people of Pittsburgh have taken to the streets in a series of incredibly beautiful and powerful protests. These protests have even led to some form of police accountability--with the DA finally charging Officer Rosfeld with murder.

    In response to these protests, a Pittsburgh-area Mayor, Karen Peconi, has called for protesters to be hosed with water. Mayor Peconi even commented on a photo on Facebook of Black protestors being attacked with water hoses and police dogs in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. Her comment said, “I’m posting this so the authorities everywhere sees this...bring the hoses”.

    Peconi is a blatant racist and calling for violence against Black people. She is a threat to our community and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf must demand that Peconi resign from her position as mayor in Arnold, PA immediately. Not only is Peconi racist and dangerous, so is her son. Peconi's own son is a police officer who just last week was involved in an incident of police brutality. We can not expect a Mayor who is the mother of an abusive police officer stand up for police accountability or the basic rights of Black people--Peconi has to go.

    The murder of Antwon Rose feels like something that could have happened in the 1960s however, it happened just this month. And in order to stop unjust police murder and brutality we must get politicians who resemble Bull Connor out of office. Just like the officer who killed Antwon Rose and the officers who hosed Black people in the 60s, Mayor Peconi is a threat to public safety. 

    In response to Peconi's racists comments local residents coalesced to form The Concerned People of Color Of Arnold and New Kensington to demand that Mayor Peconi resign--let's join them in this fight! 

    We cannot let racist Mayor Karen Peconi get away with this. Governor Wolf must immediately demand that she resign from her position as Mayor of Arnold.

    Here is the Petition:

    Dear Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf,

    We call on you to immediately have Karen Peconi resign from her position as Mayor of Arnold. Peconi has publicly called for the use of violence against Black people and represents a serious public safety threat and is therefore no longer fit to serve as Mayor Arnold, Pennsylvania. Governor Wolf, you have the power to force Mayor Peconi to give up her position as Mayor of Arnold and by staying silent on this issue you are supporting her racist calls for violence against our people.