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Big telecom and cable companies want to fundamentally change the way the Internet works, so they can make millions by acting as a gatekeeper over what you see and do online.

Our communities rely on the Internet to speak without a corporate filter, and to be able to organize and hold public officials and corporations accountable. But if these companies succeed, a few major corporations would control which voices are heard most easily, and it would be much harder for grassroots groups, individuals, and small businesses to compete with large corporations and well-funded special interests.

Please join us in calling on the FCC to keep the Internet open and democratic.

(Here is the text of the petitions we'll present to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, unless you create your own statement.)

Dear Chairman Genachowski,

I'm writing to express my support for rules to protect Network Neutrality. Net neutrality is essential to the Internet's diversity and has enabled it to serve Black people and other historically marginalized communities in unique and powerful ways. Without net neutrality, the thousands of blogs, online businesses, news sites, and advocacy organizations that cater to our communities would likely suffer -- some would not have a chance.

As you know, several civil rights groups have joined the broadband industry in arguing that net neutrality rules would or could hurt efforts to close the digital divide--an argument that has yet to be backed up with facts. Additionally troubling is the fact that these groups have received large amounts of financial support from the broadband industry. This increases the importance of scrutinizing their arguments, and examining whether they are effectively representing the interests of their constituents -- not their corporate donors.

I agree that expanding broadband access in under-served communities is essential. However, there is no conflict between expanding access and preserving an open Internet. We can and must do both.

I urge the FCC to aggressively re-establish and assert its authority to regulate the broadband industry, and to protect the Internet's open nature by instituting strong network neutrality protections.

Thank you,

[Your name]

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