Tell Congress: Say 'NO' to Sessions' War on Drugs

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    Tell Congress: Say 'NO' to Sessions' War on Drugs

     Jeff Sessions is trying to reignite the War on Drugs, but we can’t let him.

    Sessions released a memo ordering all 94 U.S. Attorneys to seek out the harshest possible sentences for drug offenses--undoing years of work and reversing the historic policy reforms of former Attorney General Eric Holder.  

    Mandatory minimum sentencing disproportionately affects and puts a target on the backs of Black people and has been widely condemned for years.  A review of federal mandatory sentences showed that Black people are given mandatory minimum sentences at the HIGHEST rate--more than any other group of people. Not only is mandatory minimum sentencing racist, research has proven that it’s completely ineffective in curbing drug use. The only real purpose it serves is to fill prisons with our people and fill the pockets of private prison companies. Almost HALF of the entire federal prison population consists of people serving time for drug offenses.  

    We need to shut down this clear attempt to fuel mass incarceration, but we have to act fast. Momentum is building against Sessions--even GOP senator, Rand Paul acknowledged the racist history of mandatory minimums and denounced Sessions’ move. Now, we’re calling on Congress to pass a bill that would adjust federal sentencing laws to block Sessions’ attempts to reignite the War on Drugs. Sentencing reform has bipartisan support in Congress and if we apply enough pressure, we can make sure Sessions can’t dismantle the gains we’ve made in ending mass incarceration. Will you sign the petition?

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    Dear Member of Congress, 

    I join many Americans in calling on you to take a stand against the harmful guidance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and refuse to allow him to take us back to the War on Drugs. Specifically, I am asking that you work with your colleagues to pass a bill adjusting federal sentencing laws to reverse Sessions' guidance ordering U.S. Attorneys to seek the harshest punishments for drug offenses.

    The devastating impacts of the War on Drugs, and mandatory minimums, in particular, are still felt to this day. More than half of all federal prisoners are imprisoned due to drug offenses. And mandatory minimums are largely to blame. Mandatory minimums disproportionately target and impact Black people--who are given mandatory minimum sentences the most of any other group--and have been condemned widely for years. 

    We're counting on you to do the right thing and take a stand against Sessions.