Tell the USGA & LGPA: dump Trump!

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    Tell the USGA & LGPA: dump Trump!

    The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and the US Professional Golf Association (USGA) want to make golf white again by hosting the largest event in women’s golf at the Trump National Golf Course in New Jersey. 

    We cannot let the LGPA reward Trump’s bigoted brand with millions of dollars profit, free advertising, and media coverage. By holding the U.S. Women’s Open at Trump’s golf courses, the USGA & LGPA are normalizing Trump’s Presidency and enabling his use of the Presidency to generate profit all at the expense of the people who support and participate in the sport. 

    With 4 Black women competing for the first time the LGPA's 66 year history, the LGPA's decision will turn the clock back on decades of hard-won progress in the sport. In 2008 LGPA commissioner Carolyn Bivens threatened to suspend the memberships of female golfers who did not speak English. Facing resistance from lawmakers, advertisers, and the public, the LGPA backed down from their racially targeted policy.

    Despite massive public pressure and opposition from Democratic Senators, the LGPA chooses to hold on to its racist past. Tell the LGPA and USGA to dump Trump, now! 




    To the US Golf Association (USGA) & the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA): 

    Immediately cancel the contract with Trump's New Jersey Golf Course and refuse to give millions of dollars in free advertising to the Trump Organization. 

    By profiting from business ties with Donald Trump, you are enabling his administration's assault on the human rights of the very people who support and participate in the sport. Trump's policies will forever change the lives of the very women who are competing in the April 17th tournament. Take immediate action and move the tournament.
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