Tell Chicago’s city council: Police aren’t above the law

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    Tell Chicago’s city council: Police aren’t above the law

    Chicago police officers can get away with almost anything, and their employment contract with the city is a big part of what helps abusive and violent cops avoid prosecution and stay on the police force. The police union (the Fraternal Order of Police) refuses to consider any changes – but many members of the city council are promising to vote against any new contract that lets police continue to avoid any accountability. With the police union’s contract expiring soon, we need every single city council member to feel the pressure to vote against any contract that puts cops above the law.

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    Dear Aldermen,

    Chicago has a serious problem with violent and unaccountable policing, and one of the biggest obstacles to accountability and reform is the Fraternal Order of Police, and their contract with the city. Police should not be above the law, but provisions in their contract have allowed them to assault, brutalize, and kill Black people repeatedly and without any real consequence. The epidemic of police violence and corruption will continue until we change the rules and hold the police accountable like everyone else.

    The Fraternal Order of Police has refused to even consider common sense reforms, which isn’t surprising from an organization that attacks victims of police abuse and defends officers no matter what they do. But after hearing from concerned citizens, a large portion of the council has committed to voting no against any new contract that does not implement changes to the contract outlined in the Framework for Community Control over Police advanced by grassroots organizations like the BlackRoots Alliance.

    We are calling on you to join your colleagues in backing overdue measures to improve accountability for police who break the law and abuse their power. We urge you to resist the FOP, expose their role in blocking accountability, and vote against any new contract that continues to allow the police to get away with murder.

    Thank you,

    [Your Name]