Join John Legend: Support ACA 6 and voting rights for formerly incarcerated Californians!

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    Join John Legend: Support ACA 6 and voting rights for formerly incarcerated Californians!


    Here is the Petition:

    Did you know that nearly 50,000 voters are prevented from casting a ballot in California each year? These individuals are members of our community, our friends, family, and loved ones.

    Voting is an essential attribute to a healthy democracy. Exercising one’s rights at the ballot box should not be reserved for only part of the population. That’s why I ask you to join me in championing ACA 6, a bill to support the right to vote for those who have served their sentences and are on parole supervision.

    ACA 6 was introduced earlier this year by California Assemblymembers to bring the issue of felony disenfranchisement to the ballot in 2020. We are closer than ever before to solidifying the right to vote for Californians on parole, but we need your help.

    Felony disenfranchisement was enacted more than a century ago as a way of undermining the political power of Black and Brown communities. This practice serves no legitimate law enforcement, public policy, or public safety purposes, and only punishes and marginalizes already vulnerable populations. We know that when people affected by the criminal justice system remain connected to their families and communities, by exercising their right to vote, for example, they are more successful upon release, benefiting us all.

    ACA 6 would end the harmful practice of felony disenfranchisement by providing voters the opportunity to amend the California Constitution and restore the right to vote immediately upon a person’s release from prison.

    Please help us protect our democracy—sign the petition to show your support for ACA 6 today!


    John Legend