Fire Officer Ben Fields

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    Fire Officer Ben Fields

    TRIGGER WARNING: The above video contains graphic violence.

    Multiple videos show school Police Officer Ben Fields brutally attacking a peaceful Black female high school student. Officer Fields has a history of attacking students, who say they’ve complained about him for years. He’s facing a lawsuit from another student, and he was sued by a couple who he attacked and arrested without provocation. This time, his violence was caught on camera.

    The number of police in schools has skyrocketed, and every year thousands of students – disproportionately Black – are needlessly arrested and abused. Local police say they’re “investigating” Officer Fields' brutality. But videos of what happened provide more than enough evidence he committed a crime.

    Join us in demanding that officer Fields be fired and prosecuted immediately, and that all charges be dropped against students already victimized by Fields.

    This is the letter we'll send to Richland County officials on your behalf. Feel free to add a personal comment in the space provided. 

    Dear Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, Richland School District Two Superintendent Dr. Debbie Hamm and Richland County Solicitor Dan Johnson,

    We are writing to demand that officer Ben Fields be immediately fired and prosecuted for brutally and maliciously attacking a Black female high school student who posed no threat. Videos of the attack provide more than enough evidence that Fields committed a crime, and that he is unfit to be a police officer or to work with students in any capacity. Additionally, officer Fields has a history of attacking and intimidating students and other citizens, and he is currently facing a lawsuit from a student who says he unfairly targets Black students with allegations of gang activity.

    Students should not have to live in fear of being attacked by those who are supposed to protect them. Fields should be immediately fired from his position as a police officer as well as his position as a football coach, and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Additionally, any charges facing students targeted and victimized by officer Fields in this incident should be dropped.



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