Drop the charges against Darrin Manning

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Earlier this month, 16-year old Darrin Manning, a straight-A student and star athlete was forced to undergo emergency surgery to repair his ruptured testicle after a violent Stop and Frisk encounter with Philadelphia police. The officers involved have yet to be held accountable for the violent attack on Darrin, but the 16-year old now faces charges, which could place his future in jeopardy.

Please join us in demanding District Attorney R. Seth Williams drop all charges against Darrin and investigate the police officers involved in the incident.

Here's the letter we'll send to Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams on your behalf. You can add a personal comment using the box to the right.

Dear District Attorney R. Seth Williams,

I am deeply troubled by the recent brutal attack on Darrin Manning, the 16-year-old whose testicles were ruptured at the hands of Philadelphia police during a violent Stop and Frisk encounter.

Now Darrin faces numerous charges, which could carry prison time and place his future in jeopardy. We cannot allow another Black teenager to be brutalized at the hands of police without a full investigation and holding those officers responsible accountable.

By dropping these outrageous charges and investigating the officers involved you have an opportunity to change a culture that permits police impunity and violence. I urge you drop the charges against Darrin immediately.


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