Tell Dunkin' to drop "America’s Got Talent"

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    Tell Dunkin' to drop "America’s Got Talent"


    “America’s Got Talent” fired Gabrielle Union for being ‘too black.’ In a recent update, news was released that Gabrielle Union was not only fired from NBC’s competition show “America’s Got Talent” for speaking out against bigoted content, but was subjected to criticism because “her rotating hairstyles were ‘too black’ for the audience.”, This kind of behavior is dehumanizing to Union, Black viewers, and Black people everywhere, and America’s Got Talent must be held accountable. 

    Recently, Gabrielle Union supposedly left her role at reality competition show “America’s Got Talent” because she was “busy.” Since then, it has come to light that Union was fired from the program for speaking out against the show’s racism and sexism. “America’s Got Talent” is a wildly popular show that reaches millions of people. It is not only unacceptable that this show has a bigotry problem, but that they fired a Black women for speaking out against it. 

    This is not the first time “America’s Got Talent” has had problems. In 2017, Nick Cannon left the show because of their attempts to “silence and control [his] outspoken voice.” And, it’s been reported that the show “replace[s]...women and blacks at Simon [Cowell]’s whim.” The history of sexism and racism problems at the show demonstrates a blatant disregard for the wellbeing of the Black entertainers they hire, and shows a level of carelessness towards the viewers who want to see an inclusive panel of judges on the show. 

    It’s 2019 and we believe that shows that allow bigotry to persist must lose their platform — and their funding. Join us in calling on Dunkin' to drop “America’s Got Talent.” 

    Below is the letter we will send to Dunkin,' a primary sponsor of America's Got Talent: 

    Here is the Petition:
    Dear Dunkin':

    “America’s Got Talent” is a popular show that reaches millions of people. But it has a racism and sexism problem that has gone on too long. Their decision to remove Gabrielle Union from the show is act against the actor's freedom to take a stand against the racist and sexist behavior she experienced behind-the-scenes. Additionally, the decision to remove Gabrielle Union from the show sets a precedent that Black women — and our voices — don’t matter. Black women make invaluable contributions to activism, politics, art, entertainment, and culture. "America’s Got Talent’s" decision to remove Gabrielle Union from the show sends the message that Black women— and our contributions — are disposable. At a time when Black women are too often abused, ignored, or disregarded, this decision is not just wrong, it’s dangerous. 

    Please take a stand against this show's bigotry and drop your sponsorship of "America's Got Talent."