California: Pass Bail Reform Law Now!

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    California: Pass Bail Reform Law Now!

    Our partner, Essie Justice Group -- a powerful organization that harnesses the power of women with incarcerated loved ones to end mass incarceration -- is leading the fight against the vicious money bail system in California. Many families are deeply impacted, causing long-term trauma and poverty.

    But the bail industry is trying to put up a HUGE fight against bail reform. The bail bond industry makes billions profiting off of and exploiting poor people. Many bail bond companies rely heavily on large bail amounts and the frequent incarceration of the most vulnerable communities. In California, the average bail costs $50,000. Racist celebrities like Dog the Bounty Hunter have profited from and built entire empires preying on poor communities, especially Black and Brown communities. Now these companies with their powerful lobbyists and the politicians who cater to them are doing all they can to keep making money for themselves and maintain the status quo. 

    Stand with the women and families of Essie Justice Group and all who say the time is now to end an industry that profits off of incarceration. Sign the petition.

    Below is the letter we will send to California Legislators on your behalf:

    Here is the Petition:
    Dear California Legislators,

    The money bail system has trapped many poor people in a spiral of debt and trauma. There is now a unique and transformative opportunity to completely dismantle this system with one crucial yes vote on Senate Bill 10 (Hertzberg) and Assembly Bill 42 (Bonta).

    Too many times, people have had to sacrifice their jobs, home, and basic needs just to pay off a debt all the while spending long periods of time in poorly operated and unsafe jails. The bail bonds industry continues to exploit vulnerable communities,  and it has severe consequences. Bail reform will be a critical step in changing the criminal justice system for the better. The passage of this law would be historic and would resonate nationally. It is long overdue for reinvestment in community programs that eliminate harm and discrimination. 

    California boasts a reputation for progressive change. Now is the time for the state to lead the way for the entire country on bail reform.

    Thank you,