Tell Cleveland Law Enforcement: No one should face jail time for a pregnancy loss.

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    Tell Cleveland Law Enforcement: No one should face jail time for a pregnancy loss.

    A young Black mother is facing jail time for a pregnancy outcome and her story is infuriating. 

    In March 2020, Breyona Reddick, a 21-year-old Black woman, former cheerleader, and student at Hiram College was arrested for the death of her fetus. 

    Initially, Breyona faced six charges including aggravated murder and endangering a child after police found the fetus’ remains in a trash can outside of the Hiram collage campus. Last month, Breyona pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. Her trial date was due to start April 19 – she now faces up to 11 years in prison. 

    But here’s the thing NAME, the only reason Breyona pleaded guilty was because another woman with a similar case in a neighboring county was sentenced to life in prison for the death of a fetus that happened 20 years ago. Breyona felt pressured to take the plea bargain out of fear that she would also be sentenced to a life behind bars. Criminal justice system functions this way by design – to pressure people to take plea bargains etc. 

    To make matters worse, medical examiners performed the scientifically, discredited “lung float test,” to incorrectly decide that the fetus was born alive. Here’s the truth: Breyona endured the traumatic event of losing a child -- she should’ve received medical care and support NOT police intervention.

    That’s why we’re pressuring the Adult Probation Court of Portage County to offer Breyona the lowest possible sentence – they have the power to ensure Breyona doesn’t have to suffer another day behind bars because of a pregnancy loss.

     Below is the letter we’ll send to District Attorney Alvin Bragg: 

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