Tell Congress to break up Big Tech Monopolies!

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    Tell Congress to break up Big Tech Monopolies!

    CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

    Big tech companies have taken over our society. From driving the racial wealth gap by exploiting Black labor and talent, to erasing Black-owned businesses and collecting predatory data collection that contributes to price gouging and exclusion of Black communities from equitable employment, credit, and housing opportunities, these companies are responsible for much more harm than they will ever admit.

    Big tech companies Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google not only wield overwhelming market, social, and political power, but operate unbehoven to the civil rights legislation that has been the law of the land for multiple generations. These large technology corporations have impacted us economically, politically, and socially, causing problems like accelerated, exorbitant rent prices that force us out of business, data collection that impacts our access to equitable health care, and excluding us from employment, credit, and housing opportunities that our white counterparts can access, and even undermine our elections. These companies’ frequent unethical practices, including actively eroding away hard-fought civil rights wins in the areas of voting rights and ethical labor practices, exacerbate discriminations that Black people already face, and they cannot be allowed to continue. 

    But, Congressional action can make a difference. If Congress intervenes and breaks up these big tech companies, they will be forced to reckon with accountability measures in ways they never have before. The unwinding of such massive monopolies will again create healthy competition and promote choice in the market, which will begin to reduce the racial inequities such unregulated power has produced.

    Join us TODAY in calling on Congress to step up and break up big tech monopolies.

    Below is the petition we will send to Congress. 

    Here is the Petition:

    For too long, companies Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google have been allowed to monopolize the technological industry, resulting in an unprecedented level of unregulated power that builds upon the economic, political, and social inequities Black people face in our daily lives. But we do not deserve to face additional hardships caused by such companies’ complete disregard for the harms their frequently unethical practices cause. Black people deserve to have equitable access to information, and the opportunities that result from such information, such as housing, employment, and credit opportunities. For these reasons, it is absolutely imperative that you step in to break up these technological monopolies.