HBO: Enough is enough. Fire Bill Maher

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    HBO: Enough is enough. Fire Bill Maher

    In an episode aired this week, controversial talk show host, Bill Maher casually used the n-word in conversation with Republican Senator, Ben Sasse. And as the audience loudly booed, he looked around defensively shouting, “It’s a joke!” But the n-word, a symbol of anti Black oppression when used by white people, is never a joke. And as the disgusting racial epithet slid from his crude mouth, he invoked the countless Black men, women, and children who have been harmed and reduced to second-class citizens with this symbol of subjugation.

    Bill Maher is not exempt from criticism because he’s anti-Trump. And we will not let him get away with racist, anti-Muslim hate speech passed off as foul humor, just because he is a “liberal” commentator. Bill Maher’s “good ol boy” humor and racist rhetoric disguised as rationality is dated, offensive, and cruel. 

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    Dear HBO,

    I demand that you cancel "Real Talk with Bill Maher." For years, he has proudly spewed violent, anti-Black, anti-Muslim rhetoric and his latest comments referring to himself as a "house n*gger" should be the last straw. Research shows there are real life consequences for Black people and communities of color when dehumanizing stereotypes like the ones Bill Maher spews, rule the day. These include diminished economic opportunities, less attention from doctors, and harsher sentences from judges. Please reject Bill Maher's hateful language by canceling "Real Time with Bill Maher."

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