Tell U.S. Congress to Make the #ChildTaxCredit and Other Direct Cash Relief Payments Permanent!

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    Tell U.S. Congress to Make the #ChildTaxCredit and Other Direct Cash Relief Payments Permanent!

    Green background with majority white text that reads: “Congress, it’s vital that the child tax credit remains permanent. This February, Black and Hispanic unemployment rates rose to 9.9% and 8.5%, while the white unemployment rate fell to 5.6%. Unless the child tax credit remains permanent, Black and low-income families continue to disproportionately suffer from the government’s inaction. #ChildTaxCredit”

    Even before the COVID-19 pandemic devastated Black and low-income families, the majority of Americans were trapped in the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. And now, even as elected officials boast about a “post-pandemic economic boom,” many part-time, hourly, and contract workers—who are disproportionately Black and low-income—are still teetering on the edge of financial ruin. These workers have faced permanent job losses, severe pay cuts, and hours reductions, leading to the juggling of whether to pay for housing, medical care, and other need-based items. The response to the coronavirus pandemic is a stark reminder that our society has consistently left the most vulnerable to fend for themselves, with Black communities often bearing the brunt of economic crises. As eviction moratoriums and student loan forbearance end simultaneously, there is an increasing need to offer financial assistance to Black and low-income communities who will carry the deep scars of the COVID-19 pandemic. Automatic stabilizers (e.g., monthly stimulus payments, expanded unemployment insurance, etc.) would not only help plug financial holes where necessary, but would alleviate the economic angst of the near 80% of workers who live with financial uncertainty.

    Here is the Petition:
    Dear Members of the 116th United States Congress:

    COVID-19 sheds light on the lack of communal health and economic infrastructures and societal investment. The cost of such inadequacy will be worsened by flawed economic policy. And the indirect damage the virus causes through economic ripple effects will be large, as communities strive to balance economic essential needs. Past decisions that have weakened our economic policy infrastructure have hampered our response to COVID-19, but we can continue to provide families with emergency cash and other forms of relief by way of automatic stabilizers. Automatic stabilizers would ensure that millions of Americans are financially equipped to survive economic crises in the present and future. We are calling on you to make your commitment to Black and low-income households tangible by making automatic stabilizers permanent.

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