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After more than 50 corporate funders publicly dropped ALEC, Yelp! chose to start funding ALEC as recently as June 28 — in the middle of George Zimmerman's murder trial.

Reviews challenging Yelp!'s action are being "filtered" on the company's own Yelp! page. Use this form to contact CEO Jeremy Stoppelman directly, and make sure he knows the damage ALEC inflicts on our communities.

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Dear Mr. Stoppelman,

Your company joined ALEC in the face of its well-documented track record of attacks on the fundamental rights of Black folks and other people of color — and during the opening week of George Zimmerman's murder trial in Florida. 

Zimmerman's acquittal has painted a target on the backs of Black youth, thanks to the profit-driven "Shoot First" laws ALEC has pushed out to 26 states. ALEC has taken no steps to repeal these deadly laws, nor to dissuade its member legislators from continuing to introduce new ones.

Yelp!'s users are largely young Black people and other people of color of the Trayvon Martin generation, who won’t stand for ALEC’s continuous attacks on our safety and fundamental rights. The money Yelp! pays to ALEC funds legislative efforts that put Yelp!’s reputation — and the rights and safety of your company's users — in real jeopardy.

I urge you in the strongest possible terms to reject ALEC's deadly, profit-driven agenda and immediately withdraw Yelp!'s funding.


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