McDonald's, Chick fil A and Burger King: If Black lives matter, pay your Black employees

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    McDonald's, Chick fil A and Burger King: If Black lives matter, pay your Black employees

    Tell These Corporations that Workers Need Sick Leave and Hazard Pay!

    Most restaurants do not offer employees a livable wage. With a looming recession and wholly insufficient legislative stimulus-response, many Black and vulnerable families face a loss of income, imploding household expenses, with the likelihood of mounting debt to follow. Fast food corporations have been extremely vocal about standing in solidarity for Black liberation but its time they put their money where their mouth is. 

    In the middle of a pandemic, employees sometimes work 10-hour shifts, and due to inadequate paid sick leave policies, some are expected to work even if they become ill. Not being able to take days off when sick or be paid a livable wage disproportionately impacts Black and low-income workers. And this largely affects Black women as they overwhelmingly make up the low wage workforce of cooking, cleaning, and caregiving, interfacing with hundreds of people a day, without the ability to take time off if they have fallen sick. Corporations like McDonald's, Burger King, Chick-Fil-A make millions in revenue a year. These restaurants are putting profits ahead of public health by not ensuring their workers can take time as needed, to tend to their health or have adequate means to provide for their families.

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    Claiming support of Black liberation without fully committing to making changes in policies and structures to avoid bringing further harm to Black communities and families is hollow. Black folk have had enough of police brutality and being relegated to subpar living conditions because corporations only want to exploit our labor and culture for financial gain. Equally, Black workers deserve pay that does not fall short of the cost of living along with enforced policies that protect them. 

    Enacting paid sick leave and increasing wages is a first step to meeting the ongoing needs of workers. Black union workers throughout the country have been striking since last summer, as there are unending stories of workers living paycheck-to-paycheck or forced to work when not feeling well. Fast food corporations like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Chick-Fil-a and others should use the moment before us to ensure these benefits are standard and systematically support Black workers. 

    These restaurant corporations can fully acknowledge Black lives and the lives of other employees with paid sick leave and other ongoing protections that are important for workers. The urgency of this moment underscores the need for a stronger safety net. Fast food restaurants can do their part by committing to more - in this moment and beyond. We are calling for paid sick leave and hazard pay for all workers of these corporate establishments.