Tell NBC Today Show: No Airtime for White Supremacists.

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    Tell NBC Today Show: No Airtime for White Supremacists.

    NBC Today show host Peter Alexander interviewing Patrick Casey of White Hate Group Identity Europa on segment that aired October 17th

    Tell NBC Today: Don't air interviews or programming with white nationalist hate group leaders. The NBC Today show basically aired yesterday morning a glorified ad for white nationalist hate group, Identity Evropa, by interviewing its leader, Patrick Casey. Mere hours afterward this segment was broadcasted, Casey publicly tweeted his thanks for increased public interest and membership growth all thanks to NBC's Today Show. 

    The KKK may have traded their hooded white robes for clean-cut suits, but the hate they spew is the same. Patrick Casey is the perfect example of how the new KKK is intentionally rebranding neo-nazi, white supremacist values with coded haircuts, expensive watches, and prestigious educations to appeal to middle-class white Americans. Casey was introduced to millions of Today show viewers as a "clean cut, no visible tattoos, no criminal record" regular guy. Without much pushback, he is given a platform to say things like: "Ethnic’s not a good model for society", "pro-white isn't racist". He states that he's not racist, he's an "Identitarian".

    New vague, sanitized language like "Identitarian" to describe white supremacy is dangerous because it's designed to make it more palatable and acceptable to the public. For decades, Black folks fought to de-normalize white supremacy--organizing for fair employment, housing, and anti-discrimination legislation. We’ve fought too hard. We can’t afford to let white nationalism rebrand itself and become mainstream again. 

    Join us in telling NBC and the Today Show: No More Airtime for White Supremacists.

    Below is the letter we will send to NBC's CEO and the Today Show producers: 

    Here is the Petition:
    Dear NBC and Today Show,

    We demand you no longer air interviews or feature programming centering white nationalist hate leaders like Patrick Casey of Identity Evropa, a known white nationalist hate group. Casey has since publicly tweeted his thanks for the increased interest and membership growth for his organization, all thanks to NBC's Today Show.

    Media must be accountable for their power to dictate the language we use and the ideas that we discuss. As the lives and futures of Black and Brown people are under attack, your media platform should not enable white supremacists by making their harmful viewpoints mainstream.