Keep Our Schools Gun Free

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    Keep Our Schools Gun Free

    Teachers with guns. 
    No, that's not a horror film title--it's Trump's and the NRA's deadly answer to school shootings, and we can't let it happen. More guns in our schools won't make them safer--especially for Black children who are already criminalized and violated inside and outside of schools. At a young age, Black students are already heavily policed by the presence of police officers in the school buildings, metal detectors, and a system of punitive discipline that funnels them through the school-prison pipeline. Imagine what could happen when the same teacher that disproportionately punishes Black children for their behavior is armed with a gun. That reality is too much to bear.
    This ridiculous and dangerous response is sadly not new. After the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, resulting in the death of 20 children and six adults, the NRA introduced a new strategy to exploit school shootings to benefit the gun industry by driving up gun sales. According to NCES statistics, Trump's plan would require arming up to 700,000 more people in schools with guns. This terrible idea has nothing to do with safety, it's about making money--and exploiting of the families who've lost their loved ones in tragedy. Bills are popping up in state legislatures already to approve measures that would arm teachers. That's why we all must stand together and show these lawmakers, and Trump, that we will not allow gun companies get rich while putting our children in danger. Sign the petition? 






    Here is the Petition:
    More guns in schools means more deaths. We cannot allow the gun industry drive up their profits by arming teachers with guns. Keep our schools gun free.