Justice for the Jax 5

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    Justice for the Jax 5

    Freedom of speech is becoming even more of a crime under Trump’s reign. This weekend during an anti-Syrian war protest, a Trump supporter antagonized peaceful protesters, storming the speakers’ platform and physically assaulting them to start a fight. Instead of helping, four police officers, tackled and brutalized Connell Crooms, one of the only Black protesters, and hit him so hard they knocked out his hearing aid. Bystander video footage shows officers beating him while he flailed helplessly and handcuffed on the ground. One officer punched Connell five times while other officers pinned him down.

    Connell was hospitalized and, along with other protesters, charged with inciting a riot and battery on a police officer. The Trump supporter who started the violent confrontation? He walked away scot free. Pinning bogus police endangerment charges onto protesters is exactly the outcome Trump desired when he introduced his Blue Lives Matter Executive Order in February. Trump and his supporters, like the Fraternal Order of Police, are using scare tactics to stifle peaceful protest. But we will not be silenced!

    Demand Duval County State Attorney Melissa Nelson drop all charges being used to criminalize the Jacksonville protesters who were victims of police brutality.

    Dear Duval County State Attorney Melissa Nelson:

    I am writing to urge you to drop all charges being used to criminalize the JAX5 protesters who were victims of police brutality on April 8, 2017, in Jacksonville, Florida.

    The JAX5 protestors were antagonized and attacked by counter-protestors while peacefully exercising their first amendment right. They were brutalized and criminalized by the police during a hostile moment when they desperately needed protection.

    Freedom of speech is not a crime. Drop all of their charges now!


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