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‪Recent DNA testing has proven the innocence of 10 men from Cook County, Illinois who were forced to confess as children to crimes they didn't commit. Some of them have been imprisoned for nearly 20 years. Despite the overwhelming genetic evidence, which has linked the crime to the real killers, State officials have refused to recognize their innocence.‬

‪Please join us in demanding that State's Attorney Anita Alvarez immediately agree to vacate the convictions of these men, now grown.‬

Below is the petition we'll send to Attorney Alvarez on your behalf:

Dear State's Attorney Anita Alvarez,

I was troubled to learn that despite DNA results proving that all of the teenagers arrested for murders in the Dixmoor and Englewood, Cook County cases are innocent, your office has not corrected these injustices by agreeing to overturn the convictions of these men--some who have been wrongfully incarcerated for nearly 20 years.

As you know, not a trace of physical evidence connects any of these men to the respective crimes. The only evidence against the teenagers is the confessions extracted by police--confessions which have now been proven false. Sadly, coerced false confessions play a part in almost a quarter of all wrongful convictions and teenagers are particularly susceptible to falsely incriminating themselves during questioning from police.

Your office has the opportunity to ensure a speedy release for these wrongfully convicted Cook County residents. I expect that you will act on your moral and legal obligation to do what's right and what's within your authority to correct these injustices.

I urge you to immediately agree to overturn the convictions of these now-grown men, allowing them to proceed with the rest of their lives.


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