Gov. Cuomo & Mayor De Blasio: Amazon doesn't need $3 billion from us. They need to pay their taxes.

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    Gov. Cuomo & Mayor De Blasio: Amazon doesn't need $3 billion from us. They need to pay their taxes.

    protester at Amazon protest holding sign that says Amazon doesn't pay taxes and our subways still won't work.

    Billionaire Jeff Bezos and Amazon don't need our money. Our public infrastructure DOES.

    Make Amazon Pay Their Taxes. Invest in NYC's people. Money shouldn't be taken from NYC taxpayers to pad the pockets of Amazon, a company valued at $1 trillion. $3 billion would be invaluable investment toward living wage jobs, affordable housing, public transportation, schools and higher education, sustainability -- all real drivers of economic growth and opportunity for everyday, hardworking New Yorkers. 

    Amazon is a known bad neighbor with a long track record of problems: rising rents; pushing out people of color & mom and pop shops; abusing workers; enabling anti-immigrant ICE and racist police surveillance. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos alone is worth $150 billion and he built his vast wealth on exploiting workers, not paying federal corporate taxes last year, and dodging state and local taxes after receiving cushy incentives.

    Below is the letter we will send to NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and NYC City Council Leaders: 

    Here is the Petition:
    To Governor Andrew "Amazon" Cuomo and Mayor Bill De Blasio:

    We fully oppose your decision to spent over $3 billion of our state and city taxpayer dollars on bringing Amazon to Queens, NYC, and demand that Amazon be required to pay their full share of taxes.

    We demand that you instead invest this money in New York's future. Cultivate sustainable jobs. Build affordable housing when a majority of families struggle to pay rent. Grow green spaces and community centers. Fix our subways. Make NYC public schools the best in the world. Cancel student debt. All smart moves towards real economic opportunity and equity and make the American Dream a reality for New Yorkers.

    Thank you,