#FreeBresha Days of Action on Oct. 5 & 6

 BreshaCOC Black

Organize an action in your community to #FreeBresha! On Oct. 5 and 6, organize a march and rally, speak out, workshop, vigil, flash mob dance party, concert, block party, or fundraiser. Bresha has an important court hearing on Thursday, Oct. 6, when the prosecutor will determine if Bresha will be prosecuted for a crime (possibly charged as an adult) instead of given the support and safety that she needs. We act in solidarity with Bresha and demand that she is returned home to her family and that all charges against her are dropped.


Actions are being planned across the country. Sign-up here.

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    Vigils can take on a variety of forms. Consider inviting domestic violence survivors to share their stories, local religious leaders to lead prayers or reflections, and local spoken-word artists or musicians to share their gifts. Providing candles or asking participants to bring their own, often adds to a vigil, but isn't a requirement! 

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