Call on Greyhound to kick Border Patrol off the bus!

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    Call on Greyhound to kick Border Patrol off the bus!

    Greyhound is allowing U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents to conduct warrantless searches on their buses in order to check passengers immigration status, a tactic that is all too reminiscent of when we were required to carry “freedom papers” on our person at all times to move freely in public. With Trump ramping-up his anti-immigration policies and encouraging ICE to racially profile people, the consequences of these searches are becoming more and more dire. It is resulting in Black and Latinx people being unnecessarily detained for days as well as fueling Trump’s detention-to-deportation pipeline that is tearing families apart. Greyhound has the legal right and the responsibility to stop Border Patrol agents from boarding their buses.

    From Florida to Vermont, we have seen videos and read stories of agents targeting people at bus stops for speaking with an accent or wearing shoes that "look suspicious". Over 3 million Americans don't have a government-issued ID and risk arrest and detention each time they ride a Greyhound bus. People shouldn't have to travel in fear. 

    It's time for Greyhound to kick Border Patrol off the bus and immediately adopt policies to ensure their passengers rights aren't being violated.